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Great Barrier Reef Aerial Surveillance

Aerial Surveillance Patrols

Marine Helicopter Charter is contracted to the Commonwealth of Australia to provide Rotary Wing Aerial Surveillance Services of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


Policing 344 400 square kilometres requires a systematic and disciplined operation. Boat and aircraft patrols operate in the Marine Park on a regular basis, checking on activities and monitoring ecological conditions.

Our surveillance helicopters are fitted with dedicated video recording equipment capable of geo-tagging  each stage of surveillance flights with GPS position data.

The Australian and Queensland Governments have a strong commitment to ensuring compliance throughout the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Without adequate compliance the management of the Marine Park would not be successful.

Coordinated vessel and aircraft patrols operate on a regular basis and include strategic alliances between:

  • The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Day-to-Day Management Compliance Unit

  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife

  • Queensland Boating and Fishing Patrol 

  • Customs National Marine Unit

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority

  • Coastwatch

  • Australian Federal Police Service

  • Queensland Police Service.




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