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About Us

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On 25 June 1947 Sir Reginald Ansett, founder of Ansett Airways, departed Brisbane on a Charter to inspect potential holiday resorts along the Great Barrier Reef. 

On 12 July 1947, the ex RAAF Catalina Flying Boat VH-BRA flew the first scheduled service, Brisbane-Gladstone-Heron Island. 

The flying boats were eventually replaced by Helicopters in 1964. 


Heron Island was purchased by P & O in 1980 and the Costa family acquired the helicopter service in 1996, upgraded the helicopter fleet and became a part of the Gladstone community.

Heron Island is today owned by Aldesta Heron Island Pty Ltd. The Costa and Ansett connections remain with Mr. Shane Costa and Mr. Will Richards holding key interests in the business today.

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Heron Island Charter Service

The business provides charter aircraft to Aldesta Heron Island Pty Ltd for guest transfers between

Gladstone and Heron Island.


A service desk and dedicated lounge facility for Heron Island guests is available at the Gladstone Airport arrivals terminal.

General Charter

The business holds a Civil Aviation Safety Authority Air Operators Certificate authorizing Passenger and Freight Charter Operations throughout Australia and up 200 nm from the mainland.



The CASA AOC authorizes aerial work operations for Shipping Support,Aerial Photography, Aerial Spotting, Aerial Surveying, Powerline Inspection, Firefighting and other activities.

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